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My current programmes are shown below and have been created in a way that each one can be taken as either a stand-alone programme or one can flow into another.

  • The Crystal Clear Clarity Programme™
  • The 10 Pillars Peak Performance System™
  • The Career Breakthrough Transformation™
  • The Tailored Programme

All programmes are delivered by me personally in the form of live one to one online video (Skype/Zoom) or telephone coaching.

Designed to create powerful transformation and give professional men like you at various stages of your journey all the tools, support and strategies you need to reach your biggest goals and desired outcomes in the shortest time possible!

Mark Ellis International - Work with me

The Crystal Clear Clarity Programme™

Clarity coaching for professional men. Get clear, get certain, get motivated and achieve the things that matter most to you!

Get Clear on Where You Are & Where You Want to be
Uncover Your Needs, Wants & Desires
Understand Your Purpose & What’s Important to You
Know What You Want & Why
Set Clear Goals & Outcomes for Your Chosen Areas
Create Strategic Plans to Make Them a Reality
Experience Inner Calm & Certainty
Improve Sleep & Increase Energy
Feel Inspired & Motivated
Positive, Energised & Productive
Improved Self Confidence & Wellbeing
Increased Self Belief & Progress
Absolute Clarity
Ongoing Guidance & Support for Continued Progress

Through live one to one online coaching, you will come away with clarity, self-confidence, energy, purpose and the mindset to make what matters most to you a reality!

Create a work life and a personal life you love. Start the Crystal Clear Clarity Programme. 

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The 10 Pillars Peak Performance System™

Success and performance coaching for professional men. Take things to the next level in work, in business and in life.

Clear Inspired Vision
Have a Strategic Plan
Generate Laser Focus & Clarity
Experience Consistent Motivation
Improved Confidence & Inner Certainty
Faster Decision Making
Increased Mental & Physical Energy
Improved Productivity
Consistent Peak Performance
Increased Levels of Business & Income
More Free Time
Improved Wellbeing & Happiness
Ongoing Guidance & Support For Continued Progress

Through live one to one online coaching, this programme will give you the mindset, tools and strategies to achieve peak performance in your work and personal life. Experience an increase in sales and results and still have the time and energy at the end of your working day and week to enjoy what matters most!

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The Career Breakthrough Transformation™

Career coaching for professional men. Discover your professional potential; identify a new career, lifestyle change, business, or advancement opportunity and create and execute a strategic plan!

Clarify Your Needs, Wants & Desires
Uncover Your Natural Strengths & Abilities
Discover Your Professional Potential
Identify Your Opportunities
Define Your Desired Outcome
Create Clear Direction
Experience Inner Clarity
Generate Absolute Certainty
Improve Your Self Confidence
Increase Your Self Belief
Create a Structured Vision
Execute a Strategic Plan
Ongoing Guidance & Support to Make it a Reality

Through live one to one coaching, you will come away with a clear strategic plan, and the self-confidence, the mindset, and the tools to make that career, business or lifestyle transition a reality!

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The Tailored Programme

Personalised tailored one to one coaching delivered to fit your personal or professional needs.

Premium Programme Package
Bespoke Coaching Framework
Personalised to Your Requirements
For a Period to Suit You*
Delivered to Fit Your Individual Wants & Needs
Focused on the Areas That Matter to You
Personal, Career or Business
Accelerated Growth
Goals & Outcomes Achieved Even Faster
Multiple Breakthroughs
Personal Structured Vision
Unique Strategic Plan
Tailored Tools & Strategies
Extended Availability & Contact With Your Coach
Ongoing Guidance & Support

For the mindset, tools and strategies to achieve your desired outcomes in the area/s that matter most and in the shortest time possible – The Tailored Programme is your solution.

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  • Rarely rivalled 1
    Having worked with Mark on numerous occasions over the years, I can confidently say his commitment and ability to coach a person and positively change their mindset to help them perform at the very best of their ability has been rarely rivalled. Knowledgeable, honest, sincere, supportive and to the point. I would definitely recommend.
    Clayton Pemberton, Company Director
    Powys, UK
  • Happier and healthier 2
    The time I spent on Mark's programme was brilliant. My urgency, commitment to action and branch results increased after just a few sessions and by the end of the programme, I had developed skills and strategies that nearly a year on, I still use daily to help me. It changed the way I think, I am more in control of my days, and business is now not only better and more efficient but I also have more time for what matters to me. I would recommend to any sales professional or manager. Thanks for everything - feeling happier and healthier than ever.
    Dean Mazzitelli, Sales & Marketing Manager
    Shropshire, UK
  • Mark is your man 3
    Understanding, positive, knowledgeable and supportive. Mark's direction and guidance has always been on point. If you want to increase your performance and income or you are looking to experience some kind of breakthrough – Mark is your man.
    Andrew Smith, Company Director/CEO
    South Staffordshire, UK
  • Highly recommended 4
    Committed, business-minded, career-focused and approachable. Mark's unique combination of training and experience, along with his relaxed but straight-talking style is the missing link to help any business owner, manager or executive reframe their mindset, create balance and fulfilment and move from where they are now to where they want to be in the shortest time possible. Highly recommended.
    Corinne Winn, Business Owner & Transformation Coach
    Worcestershire, UK


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