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With nearly 30 years combined experience in Business Ownership, Direct Sales, Mentoring, and Coaching behind me I work with men and women who are at a professional crossroads in life.

I specialise in helping to create powerful personal & professional shifts and transformations and work with business owners, sales professionals, executives, coaches, consultants and those in professional or managerial positions who want to improve their performance and/or leadership skills, or make major business or career transitions or changes.

I am a trained and qualified coach, and along with nearly 3 decades of first-hand professional experience, making numerous major career, business and lifestyle transitions myself along the way, not only have I been there and get it, but because I’ve done it, I know it’s possible, and I know what’s needed and what it takes to get there.

Wherever you are in your life or your work right now and wherever you want to be, I have the professional coaching skills, training and knowledge and the personal and professional life experience to assist you in getting there.

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More About Me
The Highlights:

  • Aged 17 my working career starts working door to door direct sales for a national UK home improvement company turning over more than £52 million a year in direct sales.
  • At 18 years old, personal development becomes an interest and through hard work, dedication and mindset I had achieved my first goal – earning over £1000 for a weeks work – ten times the average weekly wage for my age group at the time.
  • At just 19 years old, I was made the youngest Branch Direct Marketing Manager in a national company of 52 branches.
  • I broke company sales & marketing records in a number of different industries and won multiple national awards and incentives.
  • I was asked to take on, manage and turn around a failing branch that was making a weekly loss. Within 6 months, I left it as the number one marketing branch in the country, and on target to do over £1 Million Pounds net annual sales that year.
  • In numerous roles, I have trained recruited, managed, coached and mentored some of the very best (and indeed the worst) in the direct sales/marketing industry.
  • A Company Marketing Director once presented a national sales award to me on stage by saying; “Mark is the most consistently performing Sales and Direct Marketing individual I have ever had the privilege of working with”
  • I have Owner/Managed a number of businesses in different industries, including Property Lettings & Management / Real Estate, Property Maintenance, Home Security, Coaching, Training & Consultancy.
  • After just under 12 years in the Direct Sales Industry, I started from scratch in my spare bedroom and with no financial investment or indeed previous industry experience – a Residential Letting/Managing (Real Estate) Agency.
  • With me as Owner/Manager and with serious hard work, it was profitable almost immediately and within a year was fully staffed and had moved into a city centre shop and office.
  • After 15 years of ownership, having grown it to the top-performing independent agency in its city, I sold it for an undisclosed multiple 6 figure sum, followed my passion for self-development and helping others, and started my Performance & Career/Business Transition Coaching business.
  • Alongside 3 decades of first-hand, professional, business, mentoring and coaching experience, a number of formal coaching, training and qualifications were completed and obtained
  • Certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner (SNLP)
  • Certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Coach (SNLP)
  • Trained Cognitive Behavioral Coach (ISCP, BPS)
  • Practicing Performance & Career/Business Transition Coach (MAC)
  • Specialising in working with Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Performance-Driven Executives, and Professional Salespeople, Mark Ellis International Coaching was born.

To help create a picture of my experience and professional background you will see, I have listed a few of my highs and my wins along the way. I have without any previous experience reinvented myself in new industries and careers, achieved and received numerous awards, accolades and relative success in those job roles, careers, and businesses, and over the years recruited, managed, mentored and coached hundreds of people and helped many of them achieve the unthinkable.

However,  it hasn’t always been roses and plain sailing and throughout my adult life, there have been lows and losses along the way too! I have in the past had job roles that have been a roaring success and ones that haven’t worked out. I have had successful businesses and I have closed businesses. I have experienced the highs of wins and successes, and I have experienced the lows of burnout, overwhelm, frustration and extreme stress. There have been amazing personal relationships, and there have been failed personal relationships. I have had periods of financial abundance and periods of financial hardship. There have been periods of professional success with happiness; and there have been periods of professional success with depression, insomnia, grief & panic attacks.

However, through self-development, habits, mindset and indeed by reaching out and investing in personal and professional coaching myself along the way, I was able to work through and overcome my challenges and reach a place where relative success, abundance and wellbeing was and is my default. My mission now is to pass on my unique, experience, knowledge and skills and make a difference by helping, guiding and indeed coaching others just like you.

Whatever you’re dealing with right now, whether it be a high or a low, chances are I have experienced it, I get it and I know how to move you onwards and upwards and get you to where you want to be.

Along with my will to succeed in whatever I do, my ability to coach, support and mentor professional individuals in my teams and businesses (as well as a number of my business owner friends) was always a large part of my career and indeed my professional success and this continues to be the case in my coaching business today.

I would describe coaching and supporting others as not only incredibly rewarding for me, but also as my passion. It’s also a skill that has always come quite natural to me, and one that over the years has been further enhanced with professional coaching training and qualifications in a number of different disciplines.

Although I am a coach that is experienced, trained and qualified in a number of different areas,  I also consider myself a lifelong student.

I have invested many thousands of pounds over the years in self-development, coaching and training and many thousands of hours developing my programmes.

My combined skills, training, knowledge and nearly 3 decades of professional experience are unique to me and if I accept you as a coaching client the value I can provide to you as your coach will be evident.

To find out if we are a good fit and you are suitable for my coaching, schedule a Complimentary Consultation & Discovery Call with me now.

  • Rarely rivalled 1
    Having worked with Mark on numerous occasions over the years, I can confidently say his commitment and ability to coach a person and positively change their mindset to help them transition - and then perform at the very best of their ability has been rarely rivaled. Knowledgeable, honest, sincere, supportive, and to the point. I would definitely recommend.
    Clayton Pemberton, Company Director
    Powys, UK
  • Happier and healthier 2
    The time I spent on Mark's programme was brilliant. My urgency, commitment to action and branch results increased significantly after just a few sessions and by the end of the programme, I had developed skills and strategies that nearly a year on, I still use daily to help me. It changed the way I think, I am more in control of my days, and business is now not only better and more efficient but I also have more time for what matters to me. 5X my investment – I would def recommend! Thanks for everything - feeling happier and healthier than ever.
    Dean Mazzitelli, Sales & Marketing Manager
    Shropshire, UK
  • Mark is your man 3
    Understanding, positive, knowledgeable, and supportive. Mark's direction and guidance has always been on point. If you want to increase your performance and income or you're looking to experience a significant breakthrough or transition – Mark is your man.
    Andrew Smith, Company Director/CEO
    South Staffordshire, UK
  • Highly recommended 4
    Committed, business-minded, career-focused and approachable. Mark's unique combination of training and experience, along with his relaxed but straight-talking style is the missing link to help any business owner, manager or executive re-frame their mindset, create balance and fulfilment and move from where they are now to where they want to be in the shortest time possible. Highly recommended.
    Corinne Winn, Business Owner & Transformation Coach
    Worcestershire, UK

Mark Ellis

  • Certified NLP Practitioner and Coach (SNLP)
  • Trained Cognitive Behavioural Coach (ISCP, BPS)
  • Performance Life Coach (MAC)
  • Career & Business Transition Coach (MAC)


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