Attention Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Executives & Sales Professionals 

lack the energy and the motivation that you need

Do you feel you’re capable of so much more?

Do you feel you often lack the energy and motivation that you need to improve your professional performance and fulfil your potential?

Maybe you want to make that major career or business transition but you’re not sure what that looks like or how to make it happen?

Perhaps you want to improve your personal life and relationships without sacrificing your work or business results but you don’t know if it’s possible or how to make it a reality?  

Do you ever experience stress, anxiety, tiredness, poor memory, overwhelm, mental fog, or low mood?

Do you ever feel lost, confused or frustrated?


Imagine instead that every day you are feeling positive, motivated, inspired and excited for your future!

You’re feeling happy, energised and focused and have the clarity, passion, and purpose you desire!

Imagine feeling confident that you’re on the right path, and you’re making consistent progress every day.

Imagine you no longer have bad weeks, months or years, you are consistent in your performance and landing new business with ease.

Every day you’re going from strength to strength and achieving your most desired personal and professional goals and outcomes!

You are feeling positive, motivated, inspired and excited for your future!
What would it mean to you to get that promotion, to change that business, to increase your productivity, to start that new career?

What would it mean to you to experience those things and feel that way consistently every day?

What would it mean to you to make that new transition, start that new career, live that new lifestyle?

What would it mean to you to improve or create that relationship, to get that promotion, to grow, develop or change that business, to increase your productivity or performance?

What would it mean to you to increase your income by 20%, or 40% ……or even double it or triple it?

What would it mean to you to experience these things and still have the time and energy at the end of your day for what really matters to you?

I’m Mark Ellis, and I create powerful transformations in professional men wanting to get more from their work, and their life!

As a trained, qualified coach and member of the leading professional coaching body Association for Coaching with nearly 30 years combined experience in Business Ownership, Direct Sales, Mentoring, and Performance Coaching behind me, I specialise in working with men just like you.

With commitment and action, my unique patented coaching programmes and systems are designed to give you laser clarity, ignite passion and purpose, and create the aligned, focused vision required to fuel consistent purpose-driven actions and experience the powerful personal and professional transformation or transition that you desire.

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Mark Ellis

My 3 Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 


Q. Is your coaching only for men? 

A. No. Although you may have noticed my message is aimed predominantly at men, many woman particulary business owners and those in professional and managerial positions or sales roles resonate strongly with it too. As such, I often work with female coaching clients and we achieve equally great results. 

Q. How do you provide your coaching? 

A. Coaching is normally provided via one-to-one online video like Zoom or Skype but telephone coaching and (subject to your geographical location) face to face in person coaching is also available. This can be carried out from one of my UK Midlands based offices, at a modern private meeting room selected from a national network of offices (please ask for info) or at your place of work or home. 

Q. How many sessions are included in your coaching programme packages? 

A. My current signature coaching programmes consist of 12 one-to-one 60-90 minute sessions. The one exception to this is the Tailored Programme, which as the name suggests may be to tailored to your needs. (subject to a minimum number of sessions contact me for more info) 


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  • Rarely rivalled 1
    Having worked with Mark on numerous occasions over the years, I can confidently say his commitment and ability to coach a person and positively change their mindset to help them perform at the very best of their ability has been rarely rivalled. Knowledgeable, honest, sincere, supportive and to the point. I would definitely recommend.
    Clayton Pemberton, Company Director
    Powys, UK
  • Happier and healthier 2
    The time I spent on Mark's programme was brilliant. My urgency, commitment to action and branch results increased after just a few sessions and by the end of the programme, I had developed skills and strategies that nearly a year on, I still use daily to help me. It changed the way I think, I am more in control of my days, and business is now not only better and more efficient but I also have more time for what matters to me. I would recommend to any sales professional or manager. Thanks for everything - feeling happier and healthier than ever.
    Dean Mazzitelli, Sales & Marketing Manager
    Shropshire, UK
  • Mark is your man 3
    Understanding, positive, knowledgeable and supportive. Mark's direction and guidance has always been on point. If you want to increase your performance and income or you are looking to experience some kind of breakthrough – Mark is your man.
    Andrew Smith, Company Director/CEO
    South Staffordshire, UK
  • Highly recommended 4
    Committed, business-minded, career-focused and approachable. Mark's unique combination of training and experience, along with his relaxed but straight-talking style is the missing link to help any business owner, manager or executive reframe their mindset, create balance and fulfilment and move from where they are now to where they want to be in the shortest time possible. Highly recommended.
    Corinne Winn, Business Owner & Transformation Coach
    Worcestershire, UK


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